Financial statement preparation
and review

Regular, accurate bookkeeping is the backbone of a successful business. It provides you with real-time financial indicators of your company’s performance and reduces the risk of tax adjustments and penalties.

This is at the core of our mission as chartered accountants, and we are aware of how important it is for you. This is why we are constantly refining our work methods and tools in order to provide you with the best possible service.

We also believe that it is important for our clients to stay informed, so we regularly consult tax, accounting, and property news. We share useful reports with you in both Chinese and French on our social media accounts (WeChat, LinkedIn, Google, etc.).

We offer the following services :

Financial statement preparation and review

Tax declarations

Preparation of annual financial statements
(balance sheets and year-end financial statements)

Support during tax or URSSAF audits

Setting up a dashboard (forecasts, business costs, profitability threshold, etc.) and cash-flow monitoring tools to help you manage your business

Payroll and social security management

Given the complex, ever-changing, and demanding nature of labor regulations, you can delegate all or part of payroll management to us. Our team can support you in managing various payroll-related issues:

– Registering the company and its employees with the social security system
– Managing and issuing pay slips
– Social security declarations (DPAE, URSSAF, wage certificates for sick leave, etc.)
– Compiling work contracts
– Applying for temporary unemployment subsidies
– Support during audits by the social security system

Additionally, if you are a foreign company with no place of business in France that has salaried employees subject to the French social security regime, or if you have dispatched foreign workers to France (construction, fairs/events, etc.), we can offer you the following services

– Registering the foreign company with Cnfe
– Issuing pay slips
– Social security declarations
– Keeping records of mandatory documents
– Support during audits by the French Labor Inspectorate

Legal affairs

  • Company creation

We will guide you on selecting the corporate structure best suited to your activities when creating your company. We propose the following services:

– Meeting with you to help you select a legal status (independent contractor, employee, or self-employed); this is an important choice that determines the business owner’s tax and social security category
– Helping you open a bank account and preparing a business plan as needed
– Determining your legal address with the help of our partner
– Drafting legal documents
– Completing all the necessary administrative formalities to obtain the Kbis extract

We have extensive experience in helping foreign groups establish themselves in France, and we support them in opening their local offices (representative offices, subsidiaries, branches, etc.) and completing their French VAT registration.

Day-to-day management

Companies have certain annual legal obligations, including:
– holding a general assembly
– approving accounts
– filing annual accounts
– distributing income and dividends
– compiling a management report

But companies grow, and the following changes may impact day-to-day management:
– change of director
– relocation of headquarters
– expansion of corporate mission
– changes in share capital
– transfer of company shares

We offer you legal support to ensure that your company is compliant with its legal obligations.

Our divisions

China Desk

CAA Expertise was founded to help Chinese companies wishing to establish themselves in France or with an existing office in France (representative office, subsidiary, branch, etc.). Many of our current clients are Chinese businesses working in different sectors, such as the media, sports, ready-to-wear, online sales, distribution, real estate, pharmaceutics, and winemaking. One of the assets of our China Desk is that all our associates are fluent in Chinese, ensuring high-quality, smooth communication with every client.

The China Desk draws on its experience to support you in the day-to-day management of your subsidiary in France.

Establishing your entity

We help you create your entity in France: legal address, selecting a legal, tax, and social security status, business plan preparation, drafting the statutes, and administrative support.

Accounting and tax support

We manage general accounting for your company, including the balance sheet, prepare your tax declarations, and assist you in the event of a tax audit.


We can prepare interim financial reports depending on your needs. These can be compiled in Chinese or in English, depending on the accounting standards and references used by your group.

Administrative assistance

We can manage your mail, prepare invoices for payment, monitor payments, etc.

Payroll and social security management

If you have decided to hire an employee to grow your French operations, we will first help you understand the basic rules of the French Labor Code and the mandatory obligations of employers. We can then support you in drafting an employment contract, establishing pay slips, and managing mandatory social declarations

Our reference clients

Import - Export

If your company performs commercial transactions (imports or exports) involving goods traveling between China and Europe while also being involved in intra-Community trade (acquisitions and shipments) within the EU, it will be subject to a growing number of complex tax and customs regulations.

CAA Expertise is an expert in VAT for international operations, and we can help you to:

Safeguard your operations and lower the risks of tax adjustments

Seize opportunities to increase cash flow

Optimize business performance using mechanisms adapted to your flow of goods

Craft industry, Business, Liberal profession

Are you a restaurant owner, hairstylist, the owner of a read-to-wear boutique, headhunter, professional photographer, or IT/financial consultant?

Each profession is different, but what is important to us is to take care of your general and specific needs to support you as your business grows. We will:

Answer all your questions to clear up any uncertainties about accounting and taxation so that you can focus on what matters: your business

Declare and pay your social contributions and communicate with the social security agencies to relieve any mental burden or pressure on your end

Real estate

If you are the head of a company or an individual who has decided to invest in real estate with the status of furnished property lender (professional (LMP) or non-professional (LMNP)), you may be eligible for certain tax breaks.

We will support you during each step of the way: registering your operations with the Commercial Court, registering and managing communications with the CGA, registering with social security agencies, keeping accounts for your operations including building depreciation broken down by components, and handling any necessary tax declarations.

Today, over 200 clients have entrusted us with managing the accounts for their furnished rental operations.