China Desk

Our origin

CAA Expertise was founded to help Chinese companies wishing to establish themselves in France or with an existing office in France (representative office, subsidiary, branch, etc.). Many of our current clients are Chinese businesses working in different sectors, such as the media, sports, ready-to-wear, online sales, distribution, real estate, pharmaceutics, and winemaking. One of the assets of our China Desk is that all our associates are fluent in Chinese, ensuring high-quality, smooth communication with every client. ensuring high-quality, smooth communication with every client.

The China Desk draws on its experience to support you in the day-to-day management of your subsidiary in France.

China Desk services

Establishing your entity

We help you create your entity in France: legal address, selecting a legal, tax, and social security status, business plan preparation, drafting the statutes, and administrative support.

Accounting and tax support

We manage general accounting for your company, including the balance sheet, prepare your tax declarations, and assist you in the event of a tax audit.

Payroll and social security management

If you have decided to hire an employee to grow your French operations, we will first help you understand the basic rules of the French Labor Code and the mandatory obligations of employers. We can then support you in drafting an employment contract, establishing pay slips, and managing mandatory social declarations


We can prepare interim financial reports depending on your needs. T hese can be compiled in Chinese or in English, depending on the accounting standards and references used by your group.

Administrative assistance

We can manage your mail, prepare invoices for payment, monitor payments, etc.

Our reference clients